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Don't rely on cab pads. Our cab protection offers ease of installation, a professional appearance, and virtually eliminates cab damage.

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Elevator Cab Protection

Elevator Cab ProtectionProtect your elevator cabs by converting your passenger cab to a service elevator in less than 5 minutes!

Door Guard's Cab Liner offers superior elevator cab protection to traditional elevator cab pads. This easy-to-install, customized elevator protection virtually eliminates costly damage from tenant moves, daily deliveries, and construction projects.

- Extremely Tough
- Easy To Install
- Durable and Light Weight
- Re-Usable
- Six Distinctive Colors
- Locks On Itself Not On Your Cab

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Elevator Entrance Protection

Elevator Entrance ProtectionThere is no other elevator cab protection on the market today that can prevent damage to an elevator entrance as quickly and professionally as our Door Liner. Its smart, clean, low profile look installs in less than a minute using our patented locking system. This elevator entrance protection will last for years when properly maintained. The Door Liner can be purchased separately or with a Cab Liner.

- Extremely Tough
- Easy To Install
- Durable and Light-Weight
- Re-Usable
- Six Distinctive Colors
- Locks On Itself Not On Your Cab

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Client Comments

"Great product we are still using them 6 years later. They took some abuse with all of the renovations we did but they definitely saved our elevator cab. Initially one would think they are expensive but compared to redoing the cab it is peanuts. If the engineer is going to have a lot of renovations in the building he or she would be out of their mind if they do not get these!! I don’t care even if he plans on having full control over the elevator during the renovations there is no way to avoid damage to the cab. We had at least an 800 lb. granite counter top fall on this protection. There was damage to the protection but the elevator came away unscathed."

Senior Property Manager
Manhattan, New York 2012 Top 10 Sustainable Exhibitor Award

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