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No other product on the market today designed to protect elevator cab interiors, entrances and lobby walls can come close to matching the professional look, ease of installation and robust protection of Door Guard's Cab Liner, Door Liner, and Wall Guard systems.

Cab Liner - The Future In Elevator Cab Protection Cab Liner A typical Cab Liner can be installed by one person in less than 5 minutes and generally in less than 10 minutes if a custom Ceiling Liner is ordered. If you just installed new elevators, are modernizing existing ones, or just want cab protection for your elevator, then a Cab Liner will exceed your expectations. Our unique Locking Tool will allow anyone on your staff to install a Cab Liner. Feel confident that no one can remove your cab protection without the Locking Tool provided. Unlike cab pads, the Cab Liner will store neatly in just 2-3 square feet of floor space. All panels are fabricated with a 1 inch thick foam substrate and laminated with a very durable acrylic veneer.

Door Liner - The Future In Elevator Entrance Protection Door Liner Our standard Door Liner is truly the most unique, easy to install elevator cab entrance protection in America today. The three panel system protects the header and two vertical door jambs in any elevator entrance. It is also designed for general contractors to protect any door entrance during construction. Office furniture movers love its versatility in design. Using the same locking tool as our elevator cab protection, installation requires only one person less than 30 seconds to complete. A Door Liner can store in just 1 square foot of storage space.

Wall Guard - Protect Your Showcase Lobby Wall Guard Now you can protect any interior building wall in your corporate portfolio with Door Guard's new wall protection system available in 48" x 96" reusable panels. Wall Guard is fabricated with the same tough laminated paneling used in our Cab Liner and Door Liner to provide a color-coordinated, professional looking wall protection system for your building. Wall Guard can also be customized to fit any wall configuration and reception area. Using only 3M products Wall Guard can be easily installed on nearly any wall surface. It is particularly well suited to protect glass, marble, fine wood and metal surfaces.

Hands Down "The Best" Elevator Cab Protection Products on the Market

Our elevator cab protection is the leading solution to elevator and interior building protection.

Our Cab Liner is designed to convert even a very expensive passenger cab to a service or freight elevator in less than 5 minutes. It is a versatile elevator cab protection system designed to be installed daily or to remain installed for the duration of a tenant move or floor build-out. This robust cab protection is essential when the building freight car goes down for repair or upon completion of an elevator modernization project.

Don't forget the value of a Cab Liner during new construction. Tough enough to be used to transport building materials and personnel and then remain with the building for your tenant move-ins for years to come. Our elevator cab protection remains with the building and, unlike plywood and Styrofoam, does not end up in the waste stream upon building completion.

Door Guard also offers a ceiling liner as optional cab protection with its Cab Liner. The Ceiling Panel must be purchased at the time of the Cab Liner as the height of the cab walls must be raised to secure the Ceiling Liner.

We even offer cab protection for the actual door surface of the cab interior for construction projects. Our Cab Door Surface Protection offers a temporary, custom, laminated surface to your cab door. The laminate is installed with a unique double faced tape from 3M for easy removal when heavy duty protection is no longer needed.

Our Door Liner is unsurpassed when you need to protect your elevator entrance.  Anyone can install this tough, durable yet attractive protection system in less than 30 seconds. It uses the same patented locking system as the Cab Liner. It remains in place until you decide to remove it with the patented Locking Tool.

We do not stop at the elevators to protect your valuable building assets.  Wall Guard is designed to complement the professional look of our Cab Liner and Door Liner when you want to extend protection  to your lobby walls, reception desk or upper floor hallways.

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